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Seattle Event Photography: Whisk(e)y Week Kick-Off with Beam Suntory at Palace Ballroom

Seattle kicks off Whisky Week at Palace Ballroom in Belltown. Seattle Event Photography ©2015 Ari Shapiro - AShapiroStudios.com

Don’tcha love it when people say “The fun thing about…”? Like there’s only 1 fun thing about what they’re talking about. Yeah, no – too black and white.  Being an event photographer is just fun!  The places, the events, the energy, and of course – the people.  Shooting events in the liquor industry?  Those are […]

Seattle Photography Workshop: Tabletop Product Photography

Seattle Product Photography Workshop, May 22, 2014 at the Bellevue Club ©2014 Ari Shapiro - AShapiroStudios.com

Learn how to take photos for your online store! Are you an Etsy seller?  Want great DIY photos for your blog?  Looking to make your ebay photos pop?  Trying to get your Craigslist items shine?  This is the workshop for you! Commercial Photographer Ari Shapiro of AShapiro Studios will walk you through the basics of […]