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CONCACAF Gold Cup Event Photography – Part 8: Phoenix

Soccer fans braved the heat of Phoenix to support their team in Group Stage CONCACAF Gold Cup play, and enjoy a pre-match Fan Village with Allstate. Phoenix Corporate Event Photography ©2015 Ari Shapiro - AShapiroStudios.com

Hot. Too Hot. When the call first came in (which I talked about in Part 1 of this series), I remember one of the thoughts that went through my head was about the heat.  Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, NJ, Atlanta and Philadelphia…  in July. In Houston, Thunderstorms cooled things off right at the peak of […]

CONCACAF Gold Cup Event Photography – Part 5: Data Management

With gigs and gigs of data from 9 event photography shoots in 7 cities in less than a month, how do I manage the workflow to make sure I don't loose images? Event Photography ©2015 Ari Shapiro - AShapiroStudios.com

7 Cities. 9 Events. Still Photography and Video. Gigs, and gigs, and gigs of data.  As I write this, we’re barely over half-way through this run of 9 shoots, and – including the transcoded and rendered video files – we’re already over 1 TB of data.  How to manage it all is a big question. […]

Seattle Event Photography: Whisk(e)y Week Kick-Off with Beam Suntory at Palace Ballroom

Seattle kicks off Whisky Week at Palace Ballroom in Belltown. Seattle Event Photography ©2015 Ari Shapiro - AShapiroStudios.com

Don’tcha love it when people say “The fun thing about…”? Like there’s only 1 fun thing about what they’re talking about. Yeah, no – too black and white.  Being an event photographer is just fun!  The places, the events, the energy, and of course – the people.  Shooting events in the liquor industry?  Those are […]

CONCACAF Gold Cup Event Photography – Part 2: Planning The Trip

Event Photography: CONCACAF Gold Cup Photography Part 2: Planning the Trip. Event Photography by Ari Shapiro - AShapiroStudios.com

I’ve said the words many times. I’ve heard many-a-person say the same. “I’m A Planner.” Well, I think everyone is a planner… to different degrees.  Sometimes when I talk about my travel and event photography work, I see a lot of gaping mouths and a lot of ‘wow’ comments; the same as when I watch […]