Introducing The Perfect 10 Business Package

10 Photos – Countless Options – One Price

10 Photos - Countless Options - One Price: The Perfect 10 Business Package from AShapiro Studios

The Perfect 10 Business Package from AShapiro Studios gives you the professional images you’ve always wanted for your business – at a perfectly affordable price!  Think you can’t afford high-quality commercial photography? We created The Perfect 10 Business Package with you in mind. It’s designed specifically for a wide range of small- and medium-sized businesses from retailers to restaurants, even office environments.

You already have a vision for your business — polished, professional images from AShapiro Studios can help make it a reality.  The Perfect 10 Business Package covers it all, from the pre-shoot consultation to the final editing. It’s everything you need for the photos you want — and for one low price.

Unprecedented Variety – Extreme Flexibility

With The Perfect 10 Business Package from AShapiro Studios, you can mix-and-match different photos you need.  Interiors? Exteriors? Product photos? Action shots? Catalog and advertising?  Get a little bit of each with The Perfect 10 Business Package.  Your Perfect 10 might include…

  • Food and Beverage: Finished plates, drinks being made, guests enjoying the ambiance, bartenders mixing it up, baristas pulling the perfect shot… Perfect for your social media push!
  • Hospitality: Interiors and exteriors, public meeting spaces, equipment and technology spotlight… great for your web presence!
  • Professional Offices: Inviting atmospheres, welcoming staff, helpful information… perfect for brochures and marketing collateral!
  • Construction: Before & After, detailed craftsman work, landscape views from the project… ideal for your portfolio and print advertising!
  • Designers/Fashion: Studio product photography, models wearing the goods, lifestyle… great for look books and your ecommerce!

What to hear how AShapiro Studios can give you your Perfect 10 photos? Learn more about The Perfect 10 Business Package, or contact AShapiro Studios to schedule your pre-shoot consultation today!

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