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  • Seattle Event Photography: Hendrick’s Gin Curling

    Seattle Event Photography: Hendrick’s Gin Curling

    Sometimes an event shoot is working the inside of a blank room with 50 people in the same clothes looking at Powerpoint, and sometimes an event shoot is people sliding around on ice.  Yesterday’s shoot for Hendrick’s Gin was the later! Hendrick’s Gin National Ambassador, Mark Stoddard, is in Seattle this week talking to gin-lovers…

  • Caribbean Cruise Part 4: Drinks in the Islands

    While the Caribbean does have many local products, much is imported.  Partly due to the cost of transportation and partly because of the low-volume need, the cost of living can be very expensive in the islands.  One area that does not carry a premium is in locally produced beverages.  Time for a drink! Distilled spirits…