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Caribbean Cruise Part 4: Drinks in the Islands

Guavaberry liqueur - the National Liqueur of Dutch and French Sint Maarten

While the Caribbean does have many local products, much is imported.  Partly due to the cost of transportation and partly because of the low-volume need, the cost of living can be very expensive in the islands.  One area that does not carry a premium is in locally produced beverages.  Time for a drink! Distilled spirits […]

Caribbean Cruise Part 3: The Colors of the Caribbean

All of your essential needs are available beach-side on Junkanoo Beach in Nassau

The bluest of skies.  The clear, coral water.  The lush green trees.  Before even getting off the ship, the Caribbean was already one of the most colorful places I’d ever seen.  The people of the Bahamas, St. Thomas and Sint Maarten are ethnically diverse with colorful personalities, and the range of hues in their clothes, […]

Caribbean Cruise Part 2: The People

Do Right - a simple idea spread by my new Rasta friend on Junkanoo Beach on Nassau

The Bahamian islands are full of life.  There’s a rich history, a wonderful local flavor and some of the warmest, friendliest people I’ve ever met. I spoke with Shelly, a young woman spending a Monday looking for a job.  Probably in her mid-20s, she pegged me instantly as a visitor; not sure what gave that […]